"My family name is Leach.  To which, at my christening, was added Archibald Alexander, with no opportunity for me to protest.   For more than half my fifty-eight years I have cautiously peered from behind the facade of a man known as Cary Grant."

"Fame, the perfect illusion.
 A world where nothing is real.
They all know your face, they speak your name, 
but none know the life you have lived

From "What's the Gain" from the musical "Archie"

Cary Grant was and is still one of the most recognizable people in the world.  A person who seemed to have it all.  But behind this "famous man" was a man, one who had a life just like everyone else.  

His life, a true "rags to riches" journey, is an inspiration; despite all that happened to him, he made a success of his life.  ArchieLeach.com explores his life, and invites you to tell us how the story of Archie Leach/Cary Grant has inspired you.  

The Journey by Robert BarhamIn late 1996 Robert Barham began work on a musical about the early life of Cary Grant. The musical was entitled "Archie". During the course of his research, Robert came across a number of extraordinary coincidences between his own life, and that of Cary Grant. In "The Journey", Robert tells the fascinating story of his three years writing and researching the musical, from page to stage. A tale which would take him from London, to Cary's birth town of Bristol, and finally on to Hollywood. 

To order The Journey, go to http://www.lulu.com/content/877810.  You will then have the ability to download this e-book for $5.90.

To find out more about "Archie" the musical, go to www.robertbarhammusic.com

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Early in 2009, Robert Barham was interviewed by Nina Lavallin about the writing of the musical "Archie". In the interview Robert tells of his reasons for wanting to write a musical on the early life of Cary Grant, and also how he went about the research for the show.

This fascinating insight into the early life of Cary Grant not only tells us Cary's story, but also tries to gives some insight into the man behind one of the worlds most famous faces.

Robert Barham has also written the score for the Musical "Why" based on the Biblical story of JOB, and the song "Dream" for the launch of the charity "G.U.C.H". He's latest work "Psalms" is currently on tour, and can be seen at this years Edinburgh festival. He has also written a book entitled "The Journey" based upon his time spent researching "Archie"

Robert is currently working on a new musical entitled "Mother Earth" based upon the story of our planet.

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